More than a business...

A way of life.

A mission of a century.


We are a family legacy for more than 100 years, produces, packs and distributes fresh fruits to markets all over the world, where our brands, GOMILA, DONNA and PETER are present.

We select the best fresh fruit of our harvest, and of local producers, which, assisted by our professionals and incorporating new techniques and technology, reaching the highest standards of quality in its production.

We have a presence in the major markets of Argentina, where we distribute our production and the wide range of fruits that we select and import from other countries, such as avocados Hass, kiwis, pineapples, Gold, mangoes, grapefruits, etc

In Argentina and in the world.


We chose the best fresh fruit in South america, reaping orchards own and local producers from different regions of Argentina, and countries such as Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, among others

Strong Relationships.

The local producers are assisted by our own engineers and technical professionals, to achieve the quality standards processes and plant protection. We adhere to the highest ethical conduct in all of our commercial transactions

Certified by Global G. A. P.

We are certificates by GLOBALG.To.P. responding to the demands of the markets of fresh fruit. 

In addition, we remain committed with the treatment of our employees and the social policies and environmental.

Production, Packaging and Marketing.

The facilities are strategically located in the city of San Pedro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have more than 900 hectares they include administration, packaging and storage refrigerator.

Production of safe, sustainable and beneficial.

Gomila certifies GLOBALG.To.P., a standard for the safe production and sustainable food implemented between companies. Your single system and class worldensures the reliability of the certification and a high performance of the audits.


The products comply with the requirements of food safety e hygiene. In this way decrease the risks in connection with the product. It is possible to secure the source.


Because of this there develops a network of producers, reliable. Which, thanks to the traceability system GLOBALG.To.P. are identified, it can monitor and validate their certificates.


The company participates in the plan of continuous improvement to ensure the food safety and sustainability, with the in order to improve the quality of the food supply and to adapt to changes


Ensures all our team with quality management.

There is a Database GLOBALG.To.P., to review the audits of certification of producers.